Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas party at Preschool

I haven't been able to be as involved in Preschool this year as I have been in the past because of my new job.  I work more days of the week and it seems like I'm always working on her preschool days.  It  kind of makes me sad but I'm so grateful I can still attend her parties and stuff.  I'm also so so very thankful for a Grandmother who is amazing and keeps my Willis for me and relays all the information to me from preschool.

I was so so excited for her Christmas party at school.  I'm pretty sure I was more excited than Avery was!  She is quite the little character these days and as soon as we walked out of the house to get into the car, she yells "PICTURE TIME!"  I've trained her well... and she struck this pose all by herself.
 Her teachers are the two sweetest ladies ever.  I love these ladies, I really do.  I cannot ever express my gratitude to them for being so good and loving to my girl.  I will miss them so so much next year.  The kids were so sweet also, we ate, Santa came, the kids sang, and exchanged gifts... the perfect little party.
 I took this picture of Avery with Santa Claus and I doctored it up once we got home.  I am in love.  No joke.  I am completely in love with how happy and innocent she is.  She was so proud and excited to sit on his lap and let him know that she wanted a Furby.  Well... my sweet Avery... I think you are a bit young for a Furby but Santa will not disappoint this year... I cannot wait until you see it!
 And the first thing she asked to do when we got home was to take a picture with her brothers.  We took them out to potty and she sat right down and posed perfectly.  She's perfect.

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