Saturday, November 10, 2012

Preschool Halloween Party

For Avery's Halloween party at Preschool, I let her pick out who she wanted to dress up as.  She immediately picked out Merida from Brave.  I think she looked super cute and she loved it!

I just love this preschool.  I cannot stress that enough.  Her teachers are ah-ma-zing!  I love those ladies so much.  It saddens me that we won't have a "preschool Halloween party" next year :(  

Here are her two little buddies from this year.  In the left picture they are saying the blessing.
"God is great.
God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.
By His hands, we are fed.
Thank you Lord for our daily bread.
My sweet girl had such a hard time keeping her wig on, it was almost comical by the end of the party!  Mrs. Tina just kept holding it on for her.
This is just a picture of their classroom... stuff I want to remember 10 years down the road :(
Avery with buddy Daniel.  Avery talks about this little boy all the time... along with Colton.  
Her Preschool Class.... minus a couple kids.  Notice how tall Avery is compared to the others?!?
Scary face!
And these are her teachers... who seriously, I cannot say enough GREAT and AMAZING things about.

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