Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We LOVE Halloween.  We love dressing up as a family.  This year we finally decided on Mario, Luigi, and Toadette.  Mike and Avery had a huge long obsession with Mario on the Wii this summer/fall and we felt these were the perfect costumes!  

Mom made our costumes, as always!  She did wonderful, didn't she?!  I thought these would be pretty "easy" costumes to make but they were a bit more tricky than we originally thought.  Toadette's dress and jacket were easy.  Her hat was a bit more complicated but believe it or not, her hat is an old Easter basket that I covered!  I YouTube'd how to make the hair for Toadette.  I think she turned out super cute!  We bought the gloves and hats for Mike and I.  I thought the overalls would be really easy to just cut and and not really stress but they did take a lot longer than we thought however, they turned out perfectly.  I couldn't have been more happy with how they turned out!  Thanks Mom!
We always take her to Trunk or Treat at my Grandmother's church.  It's always a super crowded outreach to the community and a great thing.  It's just so crowded and busy... but we always take her because she has fun and the people my Grandmother knows loves seeing our costumes.  They have big inflatables also in the gym and Avery is fearless of those now and had a great time.  We come back and trick-or-treat around my Grandmother's neighborhood also and then end the night by handing out candy.  Avery has more fun handing out candy I think than actually getting it for herself.
If you can't tell, it was COLD this year.  We had this super weird extremely cold week and it just happened to fall on Halloween.  Lucky us.  Some surrounding areas didn't even trick-or-treat on Halloween because it was so cold and snowy!
We are already taking about next year's costumes... I can't wait!!  We are trying to convince Sean, Alysha, Mom, and Meermo to dress up too... we will be awesome!
I took the picture of her without leggings and shirt while it was warmer but quickly made her put on leggings, shirt, and gloves!  I tried for a coat or jacket also but she wouldn't have any part of it!

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