Sunday, October 7, 2012

All about the costumes!

October is my favorite month.  I love the weather, the changing leaves, the pumpkins, costumes, all of it!  As you may remember, Halloween is a big day for us for dressing up.  It's the best!  This year was a hard battle because we couldn't agree on anything.... until Mike and Avery got addicted to Mario on the Wii.  I then just knew what we would be-- Mario, Luigi, and Toadette.  I can't wait, we are going to be so cute.  Avery gets pumped when I let her try on the hat and mustache.  We also bought gloves the other day to wear also.  All we lack is our overalls that Mom is going to make.  We are so excited!
 Avery has a Preschool party on Halloween also.  The kids dress up in their costumes but we were worried that no one would really figure out who she was as Toadette without Mike and I sooooo..... we asked her what she would like to be for her Preschool party and she immediately said "Brave!"  I jumped right on that wagon and bought her a full ensemble for brave, complete with dress, hair, and bow & arrow.  We are using her boots that she is going to wear in my brother's wedding next week.   I was so excited we went outside for an impromptu photo school with my own little "Brave".  I'm pretty sure she only wanted to be that for the bow and arrow but hey.... my girl is in a princess dress!
We can't wait until we get to dress up as a family, it will be so much fun... 

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