Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What we've been up to!

Just a glimpse of what we've been doing... 

1.  We went to feed the ducks one afternoon.  We loved going down by the river, it's so pretty!  As you can see by the pictures, the ducks and geese got extremely close to us.  They didn't try to peck at us or anything but Avery didn't like them being that close at. all.  She would not let us put her down but she did throw them some bread while we held her.

 2.  I am back into couponing.  I took a brief hiatus when our house fell apart and I was just bored with it... but I'm back and so excited.  I took Mike to Kroger with me the other day when I bought $92 worth of stuff for $32... he got pumped too!  Avery enjoys the comics while I enjoy the coupons.

3.  I built Avery a tent in the living room one night... and this is who ended up in the tent also.  I have two children... not one. 

 4.  Avery is doing so good at preschool, I am so proud of her.  She is listening so well and writing so much better.  I'm so impressed, I just love this preschool so much.  They are wearing the colors that they are going over each day.  This day was "Red" day.

 5.  Nana and Papaw bought Avery a new dress... it's so pretty!  This day was one of the best days ever.  As you all may know already, Avery isn't very "girly" when it comes to toys and stuff.  She will wear the dresses and bows and stuff when I put them on her and she never complains.  She loves her earrings and lipgloss... however, when it comes to toys, she would rather play with trucks, dinosaurs, and Superheros.  She asked me for a "crawhl" this day... which in our language means cradle.  I ran right out to the store and bought her a mini pack-n-play and she loves it.  She has played with it for two days straight.  I LOVE that she is finally interested in babies!

6.  Today was "Blue" day at school.  She picked out her outfit from the couple I gave her.  I thought she looked super cute.  I love when she lets me braid her hair like that!  

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  1. Look at how cute she is! I love her blue outfit and her big bows :)

    What all coupons do you look for use? Any tips? I have been obsessed with coupons although after I started keeping more kids it became a little hectic around here, so I am not doing as good.