Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

This little girlie was so excited about going to Preschool today.  Last night she wanted to go to sleep so she could "wake up and go to preschool!"  We got up and had a very unhealthy snack lunch of pizza rolls and bagel bites, showered, and dressed my cutie up for her first day.  Her outfit is super cute and adorable and made by none other than my Mom... also known as Nana!  :)
 It rained all morning but the sun came out in full force for these pictures, hence why she is so squinty in some of them.  We tried to find a nice shady spot though to take some pictures.  
 I dropped her off with Mike and after a quick hug and kiss she was off to play.  She's a pro at this this year.  She knows the routine and I hope she can be a good example for the new kids.  We came home and watched some "How I Met Your Mother" (because I'm super addicted to the show and Mike has already saw every single episode) and then I took a nap... yes, a much need, glorious nap!  LOL!  I picked her up and it was mass chaos, I'm hoping just from the first day.  They all did good, no tears, and got a treat of goldfish!  She was asking me to go back to preschool about 30 minutes after we left!
We came home and saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky, which made Avery even happier!
What an awesome God we serve!

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