Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sweet Sunday

1.  My wonderful husband went to the grocery store last night to surprise me today with a home-made lunch... he forgot part of the ingredients so he went out this morning... not only did he get those ingredients, he grocery shopped for us... for the whole week... so now I don't have to go... He is awesome!  He also turned these tomatoes, onions, and peppers into homemade pasta sauce and it was awesome!  I love my husband!

2.  While at Walmart, Mike bought Avery a sketch pad because she has started talking about wanting to draw... this was one of the first things she drew in it... and she said it's a picture of Mike.  We both just giggled about it because it is so much like him... curly hair and all!  She also drew the next picture which is of me, Mike, and Avery... our "fam ah lee"  :)

3.  I threw this outfit together for Avery today and she looked super cute... she is so tall and lean... minus her buddah belly!  She has a newly found obsession with this brown dog.  She has carried him around all day long.

4.  The seam along his back was coming apart and his stuff was coming out... so he had surgery at Grandma's this evening... 

 5.  Avery has a new obsession with Monster High... we have the Wii game along with tons of girls... she loves them and plays with them all. the. time.  Spoiled?  Maybe just a little... between me, Mike, and Nana... she has tons of them!

6.  I tried braiding Avery's hair across her head today and it looked so super cute... I think it's her new style, I just loved it.  It looks super cute and keeps her hair out of her face... :)

7.  We are going to see ParaNorman on Tuesday... Avery will not stop talking about it... lol!

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