Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with Avery

My name is:  Avery

I am __4__ years old

The yummiest food to eat is:  apples

My favorite show to watch is:  Bo on the Go

I love when I get to read:  the bunny book

The coolest person on earth is:  uuuh... Me!

I am really super good at:  taking the bros out

My favorite color is:  yellow

The best place in the world to be is:  our home

When I grow up I want to:   a art-er (I asked if she meant artist and she said "yes, right artist")

If I could do one thing all day long it would be:  play my worm game

I really, really do not like to eat:  broccoli

My best friend is: Elizabeth and Joshua

Jesus is:  from the clouds

When I was little I used to:  wear diapers

This year in school I hope to learn:  my ABCs (even though she already knows them!)

1 comment:

  1. awww,Elizabeth is her bestie!!We miss Avery!!We're ready for dance!