Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

My oh my, I'm so behind.  This summer has just been stressful on us all.  Since the last post... ages ago... our hot water heater busted, our heat pump had to be replaced, we tore up the carpet in our living room, we painted the living room and hallway... and remodeled our living room... it's been a two month long project but I am finally updating this sitting in MY recliner (courtesy of the best grandmother ever.) while Mike and Avery play on the Wii... I am going to post pictures... we are so proud of what we've accomplished we are going to keep going with the rest of the house... it's so nice to come home and hang out in the living room.  We moved most of A's toys down here and she loves it also... we've been missing out.

While most kids in the area started school this week, my girl did not.  We chose to keep her at Holston View again because we feel comfortable with them.  We decided against a Pre-K program because we don't want her to have to go to school all day long for an extra year.  We think that three days a week for three hours a day is just enough for our girl.  She will definitely have no trouble with socialization when she does finally start Kindergarden.  

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having... seriously, it's been ah-ma-zing.  It's almost fall-like... and fall is my FAVORITE time of the year... I'm not wishing time away but if the weather wants to stay, LET IT STAY!  I have so much to back up and blog about but for now we'll start with today.  

Avery and I are pretty lazy on our days off together.  We get up around 9 or 10... yes, you read it, we are LATE sleepers... and I love it.  We eat us some lunch, because face it... we slept thru breakfast.  Today A asked for fried mac and cheese bites and cheez-its... and she totally got it.  We had to run to the bank to deposit a check (because I've sold tons and tons of A's wardrobe over the past many years...) and we girls had to shower, speaking of showering, A can shower herself now... washing the hair and everything... I just make sure she rinses it good... it's sooooo nice!  I stick her in the shower while I dry my hair, it works out so well.  Off to the bank we go... and at the bank A gets a lollipop... so what does this mom do?  Gets out the camera when we get home.  The poor girl just knows now... if she cooperates, it's over and she is off to what she was doing... today she did great... and I got this beauty... which I'm so. in. love. with.
After our mini photo-shoot with the lollipop and taking our dogs out... I came inside and found her like this....
...which made me giggle and I, of course, had to grab my camera ah-gain and take ah-nother picture.  She's so funny these days... I just wish I could have a camera on her 24/7 because she really is quite the comedian... she totally gets it from her Daddy.

Mike comes home and we hang out... and play some Wii... and then we eat some supper... yes my friends, we have started eating at home again... in the past like 2.5 weeks, I've eaten out only 2 times... once at Mexican with the fan and once at Italian Villiage at work... I am so incredibly proud of all three of us.  We haven't even stopped for a drink or ice cream.  It's been so good cooking at home and so much better.  I love sitting at OUR table eating meals together.

After supper, we got the bros leashed up and headed to the park... anyone who knows my dogs know that they aren't exactly "people dogs"... they think they are much bigger than they are and bark and carry on like they are going to eat you... however, they did fairly well tonight.  We are trying to get them used to more people and animals for that matter so that they are more friendly.  
Avery absolutely loves these dogs... and they are so tolerate of her... I'm so thankful for that!

We came back home because we forgot water for the boys (bad parents...) and Satchel's tongue was almost dragging the ground...and played with some chalk.  My husband, Avery's dad, the man who HATES sitting on the ground and getting his hands dirty, sat on the pavement and played chalk with us.  He is such an incredible father.  I cannot stress that enough.  We drew flowers and fireworks and rainbows... and played tic-tac-toe... and of course, Avery was the champion... every. single. time.  :)
And then we came in and had cookies and played Elefun... yes, playing Elefun can get quite competitive in the Elam house... and now Mike and A are back to the Wii... "the mouse game"... others may know as Ratatouille  :)

Today has been perfect.. with my little family of three (+two bros)... I just wanted to remember every second of it...  I am such a blessed Mama!

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