Monday, August 20, 2012

Feeding ducks!

We went for a walk at the river the other night to feed the ducks.  Avery looked so cute in her outfit that I had to snap a few pictures!
 She loved feeding the ducks.  The ducks were so fast getting the bread but the geese would only go after it if you pretty much threw it in their mouths... they are slow!
 We walked for a little ways and she wanted to go across the swinging bridge.  She got scared about 1/4 of the way across but with the help of Daddy she was brave and got across it!
 On the other side, is almost like a beach.  There is sand right up to the river and low trees and it's very nice!  We were not dressed at all to come to this area so I was a mean mommy and wouldn't let her get dirty!  Plus we had to grocery shop too...
 We had such a fun time... can't wait to go back!

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