Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

This sweet girl threw me the most amazing birthday party ever on Sunday.  She was so excited that it was my birthday and wanted me to have such a special day.  She wanted me to have a princess party so her and Daddy headed out for some decorations.  We had an amazing afternoon and I felt so blessed to have the family that I do.  
 I love my family of three.... we are perfect together.  I only wish time would SLOW DOWN and let her be little for awhile longer.  
 I love this picture of us... it is my life.  I live with two goofballs.  I am the serious one and the other two are completely silly and ridiculous all the time.  I love them though... more than life... and would never change anything about either.
 Mike cooked some fabulous chicken & steak... we also had salad and baked potatoes... it was a perfect meal... even Super Girl stopped by for a bit!  ;)
 And they asked what I wanted for dessert... and I couldn't think of anything I would rather want than Joy Hensley brownies.  My mom makes THE BEST brownies I've ever had... and they are totally just chewy fudge out of a box... but they are the best.
 We ended the evening fishing on the riverbanks... Avery loves fishing when people are catching... actually she loves reeling fish in and taking pictures with them... she is too impatient to be a fisher!  LOL!  She collected walnuts that had fallen off the tree and she found tons!
 I earned the title of "Turtle Whisperer" because I caught three turtles that night... 3!  And a fish... but 3 turtles... it was unbelievable... and one was hooked in the foot... talk about skills!
On my "real" birthday we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Tomy Thai.  And it was amazing.  My grandmother has a Weight Watcher's club at her church and she wanted Mike to go speak at it because he is doing so well with it.. he's lost over 60lbs!  He was a hit at the meeting... they loved talking with him and he loved sharing his ideas... he's such an inspiration.  That evening we tried fishing and only caught one teeny fish so we left.  The night ended tragically when we came home and found that our hot water heater was leaking and our living room was full of water.  Mike... being the amazing dad and husband he is... changed the whole thing out this morning after not sleeping all night because he was nervous and researching how to do it.... and it works... he's amazing... I love him more and more every day.

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